Hank Feldman

Upcoming Album Demo - Multi-Ethnic

Gitano “Gypsy” (2018)

Live Demo representing the multiple styles for the upcoming solo album featuring Enrique "Hank" Feldman on piano and voice. On Drums, Doug Davis and on trumpet, clarinet and horn, Max Goldschmidt. The message in words and energy of this album is "Unity in Humanity."

Theatrical Score - Classical

Creation and Despair (2013)

Originally composed for the multi-media theatrical production of DANCING IN THE UNIVERSE, workshop version premiered at the Eller Dance Theatre at the University of Arizona, January 2013. It speaks to the inner struggle and striving of the human experience.

Soundtrack - Latin Fusion

Cruzando Main Theme (2009)

Main Theme composed for the Award Winning Independent Film "Cruzando", directed and written by Helen Hayes Award Winner Michael Escamilla and Mando Alvarado. Features NYC based Nate Jasensky on multiple guitars.

Soundtrack - TV Series - Fantasy/Classical

Wheel of Time (With the Choedan Kal) (2004)

With the Choedan Kal was composed for the original producers of a TV Series based on the late Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time book series. This features members of the Tucson Symphony and members of the Arizona Opera.

Soundtrack - Multi-Ethnic

Cold April (2009)

Main Theme for the short independent film "Cold April", directed by Michael Rivera-Smith. It depicts the violence and resulting hope related to the Rwandan Genocide of 1994.

Theatrical Score - Classical

Creation and Despair – Clip 2 (2013)

Another clip from the Multi-Media Theatrical Production DANCING IN THE UNIVERSE which had it's workshop version premiere in January of 2013 at the Eller Dance Theatre on the campus of the University of Arizona. This is an example of creating and releasing tension in multiple ways; playing with the balance of emotional stability and change.