My Town Music

In 2012, the F.A.M.E. Foundation began a partnership with MyTown Music and it’s founder, Corey Ferrugia.  Together, they are crafting the educational product, Context Method, which is a sustainable system which creates autonomous learners on a business to consumer and a business to business level.  This approach, compatible with any curriculum and/or corporate philosophy:

  • creates highly personalized instructional approaches and environments for students of all ages
  • improves parent-child rapport connected to improved social-emotional success
  • elevates teacher-student rapport connected to improved academic and social-emotional success
  • elevates employer-employee rapport and efficiency

The result of the current pilot is assisting learners in becoming self-actualized individuals from the PreK – adult level, and in multiple areas of life including, but not limited to, education, corporate and entertainment. This methodology is based on the philosophy of Dr. Carroll Rinehart.

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This article was written by Enrique Hank Feldman.