Soundtrack - Film - Classical/Multi-Ethnic

Gun Hill Road – Clip (2011)

My original composition for the final scene of the feature film Gun Hill Road, written and directed by NYC based Rashaad Ernesto Green. What an absolute pleasure it was to work with Rashaad. Also, a big thanks for the folks at the Sundance Film Festival for treating us so well.

Soundtrack - Film - Latin

Cruzando (2009)

Working with Directors Michael Escamilla and Mando Alvarado was an engaging and artistic experience. This guitar focused score features the brilliant performance of NYC-based Nate Jasensky on multiple guitars. The score also carries several moments in the film where there is little dialogue, always an exciting challenge in the world of film scoring.

Soundtrack - Short Film - Classical

Last Night at Angelo’s (2011)

Having the opportunity to collaborate again with Helen Hayes Award Winner Michael Escamilla was just as thrilling as it was with the film Cruzando. Michael wanted an instrumental piece for this last scene that was operatic in nature and spoke to the essence of true love. Enjoy and thanks for the folks at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival for all your efforts!

Documentary - Education - VOICEOVER

Arts Integration Solutions – Voiceover Clips (2013)

Enjoy Enrique's Voiceover in this documentary film for Arts Integration Solutions.